BJP Advisor for Revisiting ‘Agenda of Alliance’



Hari Om
Hari Om

The “Agenda of Alliance” of the ruling People’s Democratic Party and Bharatiya Janta Party coalition in Jammu & Kashmir, that was made public on March 1, the day when the new State Government was formed, is now “under scrutiny”.

Bhartiya Janta Party “think tank” and advisor to party president in Jammu and Kashmir has asked BJP leadership to declare the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ of State Government as “null and void and scrap it without any delay”. The BJP leader has termed the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ as “pro-Kashmir and anti-Jammu”.

In an article in a New Delhi based newspaper, the BJP politician Hari Om has claimed that the governance blueprint of the ruling PDP-BJP Government in J&K is a “dangerous document and the BJP should re-visit the agenda and take corrective measures”.

Hari Om claims that there are thousands of critics and only one admirer of the ‘Agenda of Alliance’. He said that people of Jammu have started feeling the ‘negative’ impact of the agenda.

“There is much in the Agenda which is undesirable. It helps Pakistan and the Hurriyat leaders to promote their secessionist and sectarian agenda. It also helps anti-Jammu forces in Kashmir consolidate their hegemony over Jammu, and destroy the region’s unity and integrity by pitting followers of one religion against others. The Agenda also negates all that the nation did till February this year in Jammu & Kashmir to better integrate it into India.”

 The BJP politician has said that the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ not only maintains the existing political-constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir, but also effectively says that the State is disputed territory and that its political future is yet to be decided. It recommends a process that seeks to involve Hurriyat leaders and also considers Pakistan as a stakeholder in Jammu & Kashmir.

Hari Om said that the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is “a new charter of bondage for Jammu and another rivet in the chain of Jammu slavery”. “The reason is that there is absolutely nothing in the Agenda for the discriminated people of the Jammu region. Hopefully, the BJP will re-visit the agenda of alliance and take corrective measures to allay the fears of the people of Jammu and all the friends and well-wishers of India,” the BJP think tank said. (CNS)

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