BJP ‘double standards’ confuse people: Mir

KL Report


Ridiculing the recent statement of the BJP chief Amit Shah that his party would not compromise on national interest and could end its alliance with PDP, Congress Thursday said the ‘double standards’ adopted by the Saffron party is marring state with uncertainty and chaos.

The state Congress chief G A Mir talking to KNS also welcomed the offer of talks hinted by the Governor NN Vohra during his Wednesday speech in LA, saying if the efforts are made with sincerity by the government, dialogue will end all disputes and issues amicably.

“Offering talks to Huriyat or to anyone with the sincere efforts is always a welcome step. Issues are always resolved through dialogue and we hope that the stakeholders will be taken on board for the resolution of the long pending issues,” Mir said.

In a jarring attack against the BJP, the state Congress chief said he had been raising concern since day one that the new dispensation in JK would be on a brink of collapse every day and uncertainty will take toll in the state.

“Both the parties had a U-turn from their traditional stand and the promises the duo made to the voters. This unstable government is affecting no one more than a common man who was yearning for a stable dispensation,” Mir said.

He added that the recent statement of Amit Shah has indicated that the BJP has started its ‘face saving’ mission but the people have known the real agenda of this party. “The people of Delhi slapped on the face of hollow slogans and now in JK, the controversial statements and threats are only adding to uncertainty to the already fragile environment,” he claimed.

Amit Shah while addressing BJP workers in his assembly constituency Naranpura on Tuesday had said, “People of this country have blessed us like Lord Shiva and given us very big responsibility. BJP will never compromise on national interest, merely to remain in power in Jammu and Kashmir.”


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