BJP founded PDP, Modi Godfather of Muftis: Omar

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Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also Working President of the National Conference Sunday reminded the people of the great sacrifices rendered by the National Conference and its leadership to highlight the cause of the State and its people.

According to a party statement, addressing election rallies in Bijbihara, Pahalgam and Shangus in South Kashmir today, Omar Abdullah said that National Conference is a time tested public movement rather than a political party that panders to power at the cost of the State’s interests. He said National Conference is the undisputed heartbeat of J&K and has always proven to be the real and sincere friends of the masses.

Omar said that National Conference is the only party with a firm, ideological agenda for the equitable political, social and economic welfare of the State. He said NC has the sincerity of purpose and the political capacity to represent the aspirations of the people both within the State and in the Indian Parliament.

“History is a testimony and records of the Parliament are proof of the commitment of National Conference for the political stability, equitable development and economic welfare of all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir”, he said. Omar added that National Conference MPs have always batted vigorously for the State and its people in the Parliament and were capable to voice the difficulties of the State and the grievances of its people at national fora. He said and asserted that the NC would continue its struggle for building a peaceful, modern and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir.

Omar Abdullah said that the track record of PDP and National Conference is before the people to be compared. He said while Dr. Mehboob Baig reverberated the Parliament with his speeches to highlight the Jammu and Kashmir centric issues, Mehbooba Mufti miserably failed to represent Jammu and Kashmir. He said voting in her favour will prove dangerous for the State as well as the Country. He said PDP is an open supporter of BJP and Narendra Modi and wants Modi to be the Prime Minister of India despite his communal record and open animosity towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We are all aware about the hostility of Modi and BJP towards Jammu and Kashmir besides this party’s agenda of divide and rule”, Omar said and maintained that voting in favour of PDP would be directly supporting Modi to become the Prime Minister of the Country while voting in favour of National Conference would amount to strengthening the democracy and pluralistic ethos of the Country represented by Rahul Gandhi.

He asked the people to beware of the conspiracy being hatched by PDP and BJP to divide the State on regional and communal lines. Omar Abdullah said that Muftis owe their political existence to BJP and it was BJP that founded PDP in J&K and today Narendra Modi is the Godfather and political patron of the Mufti father-daughter duo and their party. He said Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter Mehbooba Mufti want to repay Modi and BJP for the blessings and benefits they have derived from them time to time.

The Chief Minister said that Narendra Modi carries with him the stigma of Gujarat riots and has not even expressed regret for the innocent killings in Gujarat but has exhibited his particular ideology by rejecting the offer to wear a cap presented to him by an Imaam Sahib.

Omar Abdullah also said that Narendra Modi has blatantly disowned sending his emissaries to Syed Ali Geelani and has also denied engaging in any dialogue to address Jammu and Kashmir centric political issues. “This is yet another proof of his approach and mentality towards Jammu and Kashmir”, Omar Abdullah said and added that despite all this PDP is hell-bent to support Narendra Modi for vested interests and for the greed of the Chief Minister’s chair.

Omar Abdullah asked the people to vote in large numbers in favour of the NC-Congress joint candidate Dr. Mehboob Baig and help democracy and secularism to get strengthened in the Country and help sustained socio-economic development in the State.


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