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National Conference Party President and NC-Congress Coalition Candidate for Central Kashmir Lok Sabha seat Dr. Farooq Abdullah while speaking to a public rally in Eidgah area of Srinagar said that the people of Jammu & Kashmir have braved decades of hardships due to the same people who are brazenly pretending to be their sympathizers now.

“It is National Conference that has at every given juncture in history chosen to stand by the sentiments and issues of the people even when that meant staying away from compromised opportunities of power. Unlike PDP, National Conference has a history of sacrifices and public-service and is a political institution that has risen from the grassroots as a revolutionary ideology,” a party statement said, adding, “This same revolutionary ideology will stand up to communal powers and their hidden proxies in the State in these and all elections to come.”

Asking people to beware of hidden machinations of PDP to strengthen the communal hands of Narendra Modi, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has a history of aligning himself with forces inimical to the sentiments of Kashmiris right since his inception into politics.

“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is interested in one goal and one goal alone – power at any cost. The costs of Mufti Sayeed’s hunger for personal power has been borne by the people of J&K when Mufti Sayeed, an unknown political entity at the grassroots level bartered the safety of our people as the Home Minister of India. Despite opposition from the President of India, it was Mufti Sayeed who entered into a pact with L K Advani to send Jagmohan as a Governor to J&K. What Jagmohan did as the Governor and how Mufti Sayeed facilitated that phase of bloodshed and unimaginable massacres is a case in history for one and all to see and take lessons from,” he said.

Farooq further said the NC-Congress Coalition represents the secular ethos and traditions of not just this State but the entire country and that the alliance wasn’t in place to pander to power but to keep communal, divisive powers away from positions of authority and prestige. “The choice was clear – should Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India or should Rahul Gandhi – a trusted friend of J&K take over the reigns of the country,” the statement quoting Farooq said.

He said that every vote that is caste against the NC-Congress candidates would be a direct endorsement of Modi and would strengthen his nefarious plans. PDP is hand in glove with the BJP and is working tirelessly to make Modi India’s Prime Minister.


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