PDP opposed to State’s sectarian and communal harmony, says Aga Syed Ruhullah of NC

KL Report


Senior National Conference Leader and MLA Budgam, Aga Syed Ruhullah addressed a public meeting in Magam on Sunday and said that PDP had always been inimical to the State’s sectarian and communal harmony and finds manipulative power in dividing people.

According to a party statement, speaking to a large public meeting in Magam, Ruhullah said that it was National Conference that worked with equal commitment and dedication for the people both when it was in opposition or in power in the State. Unlike PDP, NC hasn’t shown contempt to the mandate of the people by walking out of Assembly, jumping on top of tables and exploiting the sentiments of the people through hollow slogans and blatant lies.

Aga Syed Ruhullah said that National Conference believes in carrying all sections of society along without any prejudice and the party has always done justice by dispensing governance with equal transparency and dedication irrespective of faith, region or religion. “Contrary to this, PDP has always played divisive politics and ignored many sections of our society when it was in power. PDP, just like BJP, gains from polarization in the society and this trait reflects clearly in their unabashed sympathy for Narendra Modi and BJP these days,” the statement quoting Ruhullah as having said.

He asked the people to vote in large numbers in favour of the NC-Congress Coalition Candidates in order to ensure that the BJP-PDP combine are kept far away from positions of power. “We need to keep PDP out in the State and BJP out in the centre to save the harmony and prosperity of not just J&K but the entire nation.”

The statement further said that Ruhullah asked the people to expose the BJP-PDP nexus and beware of their mischief around elections to divide the people.


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