BJP has mastered art of double speak: PDP



Peoples Democratic Party has lambasted Union Government and ruling Bhartiya Janta Party for its doublespeak on Jammu and Kashmir and suggested that instead of rhetoric the authorities shall immediately release all the political and illegally detained people.

“Bhartiya Janta Party has mastered the art of doublespeak especially when it comes to Kashmir. The party leadership was speaking on language here and another in Delhi”, former PDP legislator and spokesperson Firdous Tak said in a statement here.

Reacting to a statement by a senior BJP leader about the start of the political process in Jammu and Kashmir, Tak said that the party which has trampled entire constitutional apparatus to satisfy its ego has no moral right to speak about upholding constitutional rights. “Those jailed since last 100 days were carrying national flag in hands and swearing-in by the constitution. The demand for not fiddling with the constitutional guarantee was neither illegal nor extra-constitutional”, he said.

Reminding the BJP leader of his recent remarks made during workers’ convention at Srinagar, Tak said, “Those who are raising `sky is limit’ rhetoric in Delhi have recently threatened to jail every single resident of Jammu and Kashmir who speak against the union government or abrogation of Article 370”.

He further said that on the ruling party in Delhi has been telling the country that people have welcomed the decision to abrogate special status and reduce the state to Union Territory in Jammu and Kashmir as such no one has taken to street after August 5. “Same people are justifying detention of political leadership claiming that their detention has prevented widespread protests”, he added.

The PDP spokesperson said that there was serious resentment among general masses across Jammu and Kashmir over Union Government’s move of backstabbing and criminal assault on their identity and constitutional guarantees. “People have chosen peaceful means of protest and the continuous shutdown shall be considered as an ample singles to gauge mood of general masses”, he said.

He further warned the state administration for its vindictive approach against political leadership. “The way the administration has recently treated senior political figures during shifting process is serious and must not be repeated,” he said.


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