BJP-PDP Driving a Wedge Between People of Two Regions, NC Says



Declaring that the BJP-PDP alliance is the “worst-thing” that has happened to the state of J&K, NC leader Tanvir Sadiq while disparaging the attempts of BJP-PDP to drive a “wedge between people of two regions for satiating their respective political constituencies said that as a result, the time-tested regional unity had become a casualty”.

Sadiq, who is also political secretary to Omar Abdullah, said that there is a total “political uncertainty” prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir. Militancy is rising, and there are no funds in the treasures, flood money has not been released.

“The PDP and BJP were working on a definite agenda to weaken the special status of the state. It appears that the coalition partners have already divided the state with the PDP speaking something in Kashmir and the BJP something different in Jammu,” a statement issued by the party, quoted Sadiq as having said.

While Interacting with US diplomats, who called him at his private residence in Srinagar, the National Conference leader blamed the ruling alliance of BJP-PDP for the uncertainty in the state and rise in the militancy graph. “PDP used to say that this is the battle of ideas? The people, with whom his thinking does not match, are arrested. Mufti used to say that agenda for alliance between BJP and PDP (CMP) will facilitate dialogue between the Centre and the Hurriyat but he did not permit Hurriyat to talk to Pakistan in Delhi.

Sadiq claimed that the NC has all along been a facilitator and has advocated dialogue. “Never were Hurriyat leaders arrested to prevent them from meeting Pakistani leaders.” Stating that the atmosphere which is being created is not a good thing, Sadiq said, “A threat after threat is given. Rather than creating a good atmosphere, things are getting worse, both India and Pakistan should stop their guns on the borders and resolve the issues through dialogue.”

The NC leader said that the element of “suspicion and hostility” between India and Pakistan should be removed and both the countries should sit across the dialogue table and resolve their differences, said Sadiq while interacting with a visiting US delegation at his private residence in Hassanabad area of Srinagar.

Asking both India and Pakistan to put an end to ceasefire violations, Sadiq said, “We all know there is no solution to this issue than talks. It’s time for centre to address both internal and external dimensions of this vexed issue and work towards a resolution.”


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