BJP-PDP-PP Bonhomie Exposed; NC To Fight Disruptive Elements: Rana

KL Report


Differentiating between the political philosophy of National Conference and the Opposition, provincial president National Conference Devender Singh Rana has said his party places the interests of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh above everything else while others, particularly the Bharatya Janata Party and its extension in Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party were looking for short cuts to power. “Desperation and lust for power has blindfolded them to the extent of failing in differentiating between good and bad”, he said while addressing the office bearers and party workers at Udhampur this afternoon.

As per a statement Rana has said that hidden understanding between the PDP and the BJP stands totally exposed which is evident from the fact that senior leaders of the former feel it necessary to deny in public and media interactions any poll alliance during the upcoming assembly elections. “How can they wash off their hands from the clandestine deal when their bonhomie became public during the recent Council elections”, he wondered.

He also made a dig at Panthers Party for political opportunism and referred to its siding with the PDP sponsored candidate, supported by BJP. “It is unfortunate that power-politics was resulting in unholy alliances”, he has said adding that NC will fight all these elements with the full might at the strength of peoples’ support.

Rana has called for dispensing justice to the people and mitigating their suffering by adopting a positive approach, saying that negativism has hugely jeopardised the public interest and retarded the overall growth of the state.

“National Conference has largely succeeded in bringing the state on the right path of peace and development during the past four and half years and this journey will continue”, Rana declared while addressing the workers saying that Jammu and Kashmir can no more afford politics of opportunism and deceit, as it has to overcome the miseries of the past and flourish as a vibrant entity.

The Provincial President reiterated his party’s resolve to foil “the attempts of those believing in divide and rule and bringing people face to face in the name of religion and region.” However, he cautioned them to guard against the machinations of the frustrated elements, who he said, could go to any extent in view of the forthcoming elections.

Referring to NC’s alliance with Congress, Rana has said it is based on principles, keeping in view the larger good of the people of the state. He has said National Conference has been committed to coalition Dharma and referred to the unflinching support of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on the basis of his performance and people-friendly initiatives taken during the recent years.

The Provincial President exhorted his party workers to educate the people about behind-the-seen attempts of communal and regional forces to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. He has also urged them to fan out in their respective areas and help people solve their problems. He said, “National Conference will perform its crucial role as a bridge between the people and the administration and endeavour for enhancing their living standard by ensuring basics of life at their doorsteps.”

Rana has said that the progress of Jammu and Kashmir was meaningless unless its working class felt adequately empowered and prosperous. He has said his party has been tirelessly striving for the upliftment of these important segments of the society and taking all possible initiatives about their empowerment. Referring to the local issues, he has said, “National Conference led government is endeavouring for carving out maximum opportunities for local labour force and workers in the projects taken up under the centrally sponsored schemes. I will take up with the Chief Minister the issue regarding setting up of Magnesium Plant by the NMDC at Panthal.” He also referred to the issues pertaining to Pithu and Palkiwallas of Katra and regretted over their exploitation by some elements for their petty politics. Their problems need immediate redressal, he maintained, saying “they deserve compassion”.


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