SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Monday said that the BJP is shying away from holding elections in JK as the party is sure of an electoral debacle in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said this while addressing the party’s one-day convention in TRC Kupwara today.

“If Assembly elections are held today, the BJP will not even get 10 seats out of 90 and if they use their B team, C team, probably the number will not exceed twenty five. Because BJP tortured the people of Jammu and Kashmir and adopted a policy of bullying and repression, suppressed the media, destroyed NGOs, closed the doors of employment and took bribes from big companies. This is the reason why these people are running away from holding elections here. But how long will they run away from the election? One day or the other elections will be held,” Omar said.

He further noted that the path chosen by the party is one of democratic struggle, firmly grounded in the country’s Constitution. “We sought justice through legal means, knocking on the doors of the court. It was a long journey, spanning four and a half years, but with the grace of Allah, we persevered. Notably, among the finest legal minds in the nation, two were dedicated to the cause of the National Conference and of the people of J&K,” he added.

On the occasion he quoted the famous poem of Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal. While reciting the poem, Omar said, “There is something that our existence does not perish, our enemy has been attacking us for centuries.”

The convention was also addressed by party leaders who spoke at length on the problems people of J&K are currently facing including unemployment, poverty, drug addition, inflation.




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