BJP Wants Land for Troops in JK



The Government of India has sent a plea to PDP led government of Jammu and Kashmir to allot land to troops in Kashmir who have served in valley.

“Responding to a Special Mention raised in Rajya Sabha by BJP, MP Tarun Vijay, the Defence Minister Manohar Parikar sent a reply Thursday that the issue  of providing land to troops, who have served in Kashmir valley  has been forwarded to the state government in Srinagar for appropriate action,” a statement issued by MP Tarun Vijay said Thursday evening.

Vijay had raised the demand to give a piece of land or a well-built apartment on a 99 year lease in any city  or area of the choice of troops who have served in Kashmir valley or to the next kith and kin of those troops who have died in Kashmir.

The Defence Minister, responding to the Special Mention raised in Rajya Sabha, the statement said, “sent a reply today stating that allotment of land/apartment in Kashmir valley to troops who have served a minimum of three years in the valley, is a State Subject to be dealt with by Government of J & K as per their Policy/Rules.  The matter has been forwarded to the State Government for appropriate action.”



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