Hold Protest post Eid Prayers: Geelani tells People



While appealing for peaceful symbolic protest demonstration for half an hour after the Eid prayers against the alleged harassment of the Jammu Muslims on one pretext or other at the hands of RSS-Mufti Sayeed coalition government, attempts of making demographic changes, not releasing the political prisoners before the Eid, mysterious killings and arresting of hundreds of youth in the entire valley, Hurriyat Conference (g) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Thursday said, “since the inception of new government backed by the communal forces, the graph of the human rights violation has shown an alarming increase and the life of the common man has turned to be very difficult.”

Appealing the people to celebrate the Eid with austerity and simplicity and according to the Islamic principles, Geelani in a statement to KNS said, “We should not forget those brave hearts of the soil on this day of pleasure who had sacrificed their youth for the better future of their nation and had left behind a huge responsibility on us in the shape of their widows, half-widows and orphans.”

“The day of Eid is, however, a day of happiness and pleasure but our nation is passing through a difficult phase of the history and how can we enjoy the full pleasure of the Eid when we are everyday shouldering the funerals of our dear ones. Hundreds of our loved ones are imprisoned in far of jails, innocent students are being kept in interrogation and torture centers where they are subjected to worst kind of custodial torture and the common people are harassed and insulted by conducting house to house search operations and crackdowns,” he alleged.

Geelani appealed the people to hold half an hour peaceful symbolic protest demonstration after the Eid prayers against the new phase of violence, bloodshed and atrocities and “send a message to the world that the Kashmiri people are in state of protest against the atrocities and forced and illegal occupation of India and we are promise bound to carry forward this struggle till the goal is achieved.”


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