Mischievous Statement Against Pro-Freedom Leadership a Big Conspiracy: Hurriyat (g)



While terming the mischievous statement against the pro-freedom leadership as part of a big conspiracy, Hurriyat Conference (g) cautioned that if anything untoward happened with any pro-freedom leader or activist, all its responsibility will be on the shoulders of the New Delhi and they have to be accountable for that.

In a statement to KNS a spokesman of Hurriyat (g) said, “since the communal government has come into power in New Delhi, a dangerous plot has been hatched against the leadership of Kashmir and according to which an anarchy and disorder will be spread in the state. India used its entire military might to suppress the genuine and just voice of the Kashmiris but she has completely failed in that. The policy makers of Delhi have now started filthy tactics and they want to practice a new program in Jammu & Kashmir.”

“According to that plan they want to promote lawlessness in the state and harass the common people in different ways so that the people will get dishearten from the freedom struggle,” he said.

The Hurriyat (g) spokesperson, however, cautioned that this plot will get a humiliating defeat like in the past and the Kashmiri nation will come out of this trouble. “Instead of facing the pro-freedom people, the policy makers of New Delhi have proven themselves very cowardice by attacking them from their back and they are not going to succeed in their nefarious designs by this in any way. Insha’Allah,” he added.


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