BJP’s Edu Min Cornered by Her Own Members



Priya Sethi
Priya Sethi

As the ‘business’ in the house is going without opposition members in their seats, the BJP lawmakers stood up from their seats demanding sacking of Commissioner Secretary Education.

The BJP members alleged that the said officer has “made education sector of Jammu region defunct”.

“The Commissioner has taken away all the powers of director school education Jammu and is one man army,” BJP’s Ravindra Raina told the house. “He should be removed and health education sector be restored.”

As MoS Education and BJP MLA, Priya Sethi stood to respond to the allegations of the lawmakers of her own party, she said, “the Commissioner Secretary Education is working and is on his job.” Thereafter she left her seat only to comeback after a while.

The BJP members said, “Urdu teacher has been sent to teach Chemistry and History teacher Maths; this is the situation.”


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