Even Upper House Has An Uproarious Start; Opposition Marshalled out, Two Members Suspended



State’s legislative council also had an uproarious start but the business us going on. Two issues that are dominating the house are the rations and Article 35 A.

As the house resumed, NC and Congress lawmakers were on their toes. They were seeking immediate ratio distribution insisting lot if population was still not getting rations. While law minister Basharat Bukhari insisting the members cannot seek responses to a question at the cost of the question hour, CAPD minister Zulfikar Choudhary said he has satisfying details but will not divulge unless it is asked adequate manner.

Chairperson Haji Inayat Ali, however, decided to continue with the listed business. But the opposition lawmakers took up the issue of Section 35 A. Chairman ruled that the issue being subjunctive with the Supreme Court, the issue cannot be tackled by the house.

As the ruckus continued, two opposition members, Ali Mohammad Dar and Showkat Hassan, who stepped on the Table were suspended by the chairperson. Later, the protesting opposition was marshalled out.


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