‘Aap Nay Azad kay 3 Crore Ka Kya Kiya,’ PDP’s Shah asks Er Rashid



As the ‘business’ is going on in the lower house, independent lawmaker, Er Rashid, had to face an awkward situation.

As the PDP-BJP members were busy in asking and replying questions, Rashid interrupted again and again.

As the BJP members had their day by demanding removal of commissioner secretary education, PDP’s Mushtaq Shah stood up from his chair and asked Rashid, “Engineer sahab, kya aap haemin ye bataayein gay ki Aap Nay Gh Nabi Azad Ji kay Rs 3 Crore Ka Kya Kiya.”

The statement of Mushtaq Shah made everyone laugh in the house and PDP-BJP members broke their silence saying “shame, shame”.

To this Rashid replied, “Mushtaq Sahab, Kya Mein Nay Rs 3 Crore Aap Kay Drawing Room Mein Liye thay?” “Kya Mein Nay Aap Say liye Thay?”

Before this scene, Rashid came infront of the press gallery and started addressing media personnel: “Burhan Kay Bhai (Muzaffar) Ka Qaatil Kon Hai, MLA Tral say poocho? Burhan Kyun Militant Bana, In (Government) say Poocho?”

As the “business” was going, one BJP MLA stopped his speech and yelled at Rashid, “Engineer Sahab Hamein bolnay do; Iss Ko Baahir Nikaalo.”

To this PDP members reacted and asked the BJP MLA to continue his speech.

When another BJP MLA, Satpal Sharma, stood to start his question, he first addressed Rashid, “Aap Ko Pita Ji Ki Kasam, Mujay Interrupt Nai Karna; Aap Nai Bolna!” “Mujay Kya Nai Bolna Hai, Aap To Batayein,” Rashid replied to a laughter.


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