SRINAGAR: National Conference on Thursday condemned the malevolent, misleading and baseless propaganda against Party President Dr Farooq Abdullah, vice President Omar Abdullah saying BJP is resorting to lies and fabrication to hoodwink people in view of ongoing DDC elections.

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In a joint statement Party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar, Provincial Presidents Nasir Aslam Wani, Devender Singh Rana; Senior leaders Mian Altaf Ahmed, Abdul Rahim Rather, Muhammad Shafi Uri; Party’s Members of Parliament Muhammad Akbar Lone, and Hasnain Masoodi, Women’s Wing president Shameema Firdous condemned the malicious campaign against Dr Farooq, Omar Abdullah and said its reflective of BJP’s jittery in wake of the resounding support PAGD headed by Dr Sahib is receiving from all regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

The leaders said that the Party President and his family are not the beneficiaries of the Roshni Scheme. They said the character assassination was aimed with ulterior motives to get electoral benefits. “The hyper campaigning of BJP leadership and Union ministers reveals shakeup the BJP is undergoing on account of the support PAGD is receiving from different quarters. Unlike other parts of the country, BJP cannot get away with lies here. It goes without saying that the false propaganda is only meant to help BJP sail through the DDC elections and escape the wrath of people whom they have failed on all accounts.” “The malicious propaganda is short-lived and will die out on its own once the DDC elections are over. The frustration BJP rank and file is suffering from is well understandable in wake of the imminent drubbing it is anticipating in the forthcoming DDC election in J&K. The BJP, ever since it came to power has been lying; changing goalposts during every election and no sooner the elections are over the party turns a volte-face to people. The full list of the BJP government’s lies could well fill a library,” they said.

A fact check and misdirection of the BJP led Government ever since it came to power speaks for itself, they said.  “All the claims of BJP have demonstrably been debunked by ground reports and figures of various national agencies like Niti Ayog.  BJP is lying profusely, lying globally, and lying nationally as well.  A large number of these lies seemed to justify the abject failure of the BJP government to rise up to the expectations of people, ignoring the measurable loss of life due to COVID-19 and the suffering inflicted on India’s poorest on account of a crumbling economy and rapidly increasing employment.   The lying spree of the BJP is also reflective of its failure to answer the burning questions,” they said.

The leaders said the Party President was solely being targeted for rekindling the flame of Articles 370, 35-A with a concrete roadmap in place to follow to achieve the desired goal of restoring J&K’s special status.  “BJP on its part has miserably failed to put down the flame and normalize the biggest ever blunder committed on the people of J&K.  BJP, its ilk and stooges and minions have failed to achieve that end, on the contrary, the people in all the regions of J&K have rightly rejected the unconstitutional, unilateral and undemocratic measures undertaken by ruling BJP at New Delhi,” they added.

The leaders said the BJP’s aversion for Muslims of the country and the plural ethos of the country is well known and not hidden from anyone. “The ruling BJP has only been busy supplanting its Gujarat Model on the country by undermining the country’s constitution. Its only agenda is to disempower minorities, coming up with legislations against Intercommunity marriages, turning blind fold to countrywide lynching’s against Muslims, dismembering and downgrading only Muslim majority J&K. BJP, RSS want a monotonous country shorn of plurality and sees the Muslim majority character of J&K an impediment to achieve that end,” they added.


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