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Well, Mufti is truly a sensational politician! He flew to Mumbai, met veterans for recreating “good old times” and ended up paving way to a Bollywood beauty to do chainya chainya in valley. So, Lauren Gottlieb is in the town to promote her new flick “Welcome 2 Karachi”. Now, selling Karachi in Kashmir sounds seditious, is it?

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The moment her twitter flashed this image, the line, Arm and the Man assumed a new significance. Perhaps her idyllic time in Kashmir is raising the goose bumps.

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In this pic, she wrote, “Hanging with Kashmiri friends”! Alright reckon that: she isn’t kidding!

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But then, Lauren Gottlieb, a tinsel town’s new entrant seemed to have the ride of her life right from the moment she landed at Srinagar Airport. Truly, promotional ride.

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So we know, her mountain sojourn is all about promoting her latest flick. One observation though: promoting film in no cinema zone is mindblowing thing to achieve, seriously?

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What perhaps was the promotion stunt became her default photo-ops outing. But then in Kashmir, cameras never fail to click. Okay, no exaggeration there.

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This contemporary dancer-turned-actor from Arizona, United States never resisted to show her signature moves. Now, blame the beauty, in either case!

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We spare caption for this!

Disclaimer: The photographs used in this photo story have been outsourced from Lauren Gottlieb’s social media account.  


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