‘Encyclopedia of Kashmir’ Unwell in New York


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Ambassador Yusuf Buch

A known ‘encyclopedia’ of Kashmir besides a supporter of K-struggle since 1931, Ambassador Yusuf Buch has been hospitalized in New York.

Born in old city’s Kalashpora in 1922, he is one among the three iconic brothers, who had distinction in their respective fields.

Known as perfect gentleman, Buch’s ancestral house is still intact in Shamaswari area of downtown.

After passing competitive exams, he secured government post but on face of rising dissent against Dogra rule in Kashmir in 1930s, Buch became a political prisoner.

He was against Kashmir’s accession with India. With the result, he had to pay dearly. In 1949 with Sheikh Abdullah at helm of state affairs, Buch and other likeminded people were exiled to Pakistan.

Four years after his exile, Buch went to United States as a winner of an International Essay Contest sponsored by the United Nations. He later worked as a correspondentat UN.

Buch ran a Free Kashmir Centre in New York from 1957 to 1972. He was the member of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1972 to 1977. Later, he was appointed as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Switzerland in 1977.

Known as the authority on the issues related to Kashmir, Buch has written extensively on the Kashmir issue.


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