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Raising a finger on the working and functioning of the Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE), scores of aspirants staged a protest against the Board alleging that the career of the students has been put on stake.

The agitated students resented the move of the BOPEE to cancel the Chemistry paper. “We have paid for the blunder of the BOPEE. After so much hard work, BOPEE in a blink issued a notification and cancelled the Chemistry paper which was unwarranted,” they said.

“I had done Chemistry paper so well and I was shocked to learn that Board has cancelled the paper,” Mohammad Hamza told CNS adding It is a serious matter and it should be thoroughly probed..

Another student said that BOPEE should fix responsibility on the guilty so that in future such blunders could not be repeated.

The aspirants came down heavily on BOPEE Chairman for terming it as a human error. “The Chairman can’t downplay the issue by citing worthless examples. How could he say that such errors have occurred in various examinations? Does the Board take these examinations so lightly that they assign the job to fledge ones,” they said.

Pertinently, the Common Entrance Test (CET) for Medical and Engineering Courses was conducted in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday while the examination of Mathmetics paper was conducted on Sunday afternoon. Few Biology papers were found in Chemistry packets in three examination centres of Government Girls Higher Secondary School KhotiBagh after which the Board cancelled the Chemistry paper and accordingly Biology paper was postponed.


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