‘Braid chopper’ jumps through ‘kitchen window’ in Bandipora, escapes


‘Braid choppers’ in the wee hours of Thursday attempted to chop the braid of a girl at Kaloosa village in Bandipora district in northern part of Kashmir after she was coming out of washroom, where she had gone to perform ablution for “Fajr” prayers.

A family member of the victim girl said that the girl cried in a bid to alarm us. “She pushed the chopper and raised hue and cry, and the attacker sensing trouble fled from the scene.”

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Another family member said that the braid choppers had sneaked into their house. “When the girl came out of the washroom after performing ablution, the attacker tried to catch her and chop her hair,” he said.

Before we could make attempts to catch the chopper, he had jumped out of the window from our kitchen and managed to escape.

Pertinently, on Wednesday Kashmir Police chief, Muneer Ahmad Khan said that it was hard for the police to crack the cases of braid chopping. “The victims are not ready to help us,” Khan said, adding, “It is, thus, difficult for us to unravel the mystery.’

Khan further said that it was “unfortunate” that victims were not ready to help police.


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