Braid chopping: District admin seeks cooperation from public to maintain peace


According to the spokesman District administration Srinagar, two incidents of braid chopping were reported in Srinagar on 18th of October, one at Mehjoor Nagar at 7 am and another at Sangam Srinagar at 3:30 pm.

Reportedly both the ladies (victims) were attacked by unidentified assailants within the premises of their residential houses. The district administration immediately rushed the teams to provide medical assistance to the victims and to assess the situation in order to find ways and means to tackle this menace.

The Spokesman district administration said that It has come to fore after proper analysis that the braid chopping incidents occurred here over the past few days, are being used as a ploy by the trouble mongers to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the valley.

He said that in many cases the braid chopping incidents are followed by stone pelting and law and order derangements. Also, there have been cases where the thieves and criminals, disguising as braid choppers, take a free run.

“In some cases braid chopping has become a tool of vengeance against mutual animosity. Some cases have been reported where past history of psychiatric affliction has also been found,” he added.

In this scenario, he requested the general public to remain cautious and help the administration to maintain law and order so that the nefarious designs in the garb of braid chopping do not find medium to vitiate peaceful atmosphere here.


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