Branpathri Nagbal residents decry lack of basic facilities

Fazil Buchh/Aarif Shah


The residents of Branpathri, Nagbal village in Tral block of Pulwama district decry the lack of basic facilities. Branpathari and adjacent areas are inhabited by Gujar community, who claim that they have always been used by political parties as a vote bank.

The area lacks adequate water supply, electricity and proper road connectivity which makes their lives a misery. The residents claimed that no official ever visits them and that the community is ignored.

Image of the area

“We are poor people and have to work very hard to survive. During elections, political parties beg us for votes and make promises but once elections are done, nobody cares to even visit here,” said Phoola Jan.

She further added that despite the area being metered, electricity barely shows up.

Another resident said that winter period is the difficult in every sense for the people. “We have no proper pipe connection and we have to go far to collect water. In winters, the presence of snow makes it worse.”

Meanwhile speaking on the issue, PDP lawmaker from Tral Mushtaq Ahmad Shah stated: “I recently constructed a road from Nagbal to Branpathri under PMG and installed two transformers in the area. However, I understand the issues are there but in the current circumstances, I am not able to visit places at Tral due to the security threat.”

He further added that nobody comes forward to talk to him and that he requests the people to come to his residence at Tral . “I am always at their service but let them come to me.”



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