It was something that Srinagar has not seen. Around 160 cyclists, 100 of them from abroad, raced in the second leg of tour-de-India and shuttled between Royal Spring Golf Course and University of Kashmir premises many times. It was seven 26-km laps, a total distance of 168 km that they covered in the competition as a number of international sports channels telecast it live. Ideally, they should have gone around the lake but a stringent curfew prevented that voyage. The event was a huge success as it could offer reviving tourism a new postcard. The winners – one each from UAE, India and Thailand, said the real thrill was not the petty prize but the thrill of cycling in Srinagar.


He has been claiming his innocence ever since police chased him and the madam. But the court took a long time in saying the same. Finally, NCs former law maker, Altaf Wani alias Kaloo is a free man as a city court dismissed the case against him. Kaloo was found in not-so-compromising position with a TV anchor on September 10. While he fled, she was caught, bailed out and she straightaway drove to DD studio to host her morning show. There were many casualties in between, however.


If Hurriyat has to have a lesson on boycott, they should go to Zanskar, the only Buddhist dominated part in Kargil. Of more than 90 votes, only three were polled in the twin blocks of Lungnak and Padam. This was in reaction to an interesting event. Last month, a Hindu police officer went fishing in a lake not knowing that fishing is prohibited in Buddhist areas. As people protested, there was police action. Zanskar leaders say it was tehsildar Nasir Ahmad who is involved. They boycotted the LC poll only to demand his removal! But he did not fish around.


This is something beyond stress. A cop, Pawan Kumar, shot dead his wife, Champa Devi, and mother-in-law, Sumeetra, using his official AK-47 rifle as his father-in-law survived injured in Gundoh. Kumar tried to commit suicide but he was caught and hospitalized alongside his father-in-law. Police is looking into the case.


It is official now. Ladakh seems to have learned from Kashmir experience. Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council in Leh has passed a resolution, prohibiting investment by non-local business houses in the desert’s tourism sector. It is aimed at protecting the sector for locals. Leh is witnessing massive urbanization as foreigners spent dollars and the land prices have sky-rocketed. Why should its tourism bourgeoisies share the booty with non-locals? Now even Kargil is reluctant to permit non-local investment.


It is a tragedy of errors. A young upper caste damsel eloped with her lower caste friend and his family sent her back suggesting it needs to be done respectfully. Within a few days of her return, she was married to her cousin and she died. Her family blamed her love. For 10 months he and eight of his family members were in jail. Now police got a clue that turned tables. She was done to death by her parents in her Sever Malgund village. Already, five persons including her father, brother, husband and a cousin are behind bars for the ‘honour’ killing. Fayaz Shah, a cop, her another cousin, is wanted.


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