Farooq-with-Muzaffarabad-diplomatsThe people-to-people contact across the LoC is a constant affair. The only difference is that people do not know of it! Last month, a multi-member delegation from across was invited by a Delhi based NGO to Srinagar. They had interactions with VVIPs. The day Lal Chowk got the whiff of it, the organizers had concluded the programme and the guests were on way to Delhi to catch the next flight to Islamabad. It annoyed many people that such major activities are taking place secretively. Nobody knows what happened but there are some pictures available on social websites.


teracotta-pipe,-ganderbalArcheologists, this time with their Russian counterparts, have discovered first century Terractotta Pipes in Ganderbal’s Ahan hamlet. They are supposedly dating back to first Christian century when Kushans’ reigned Kashmir. Similar discoveries have been made in Pakistan and Afghanistan but it remains to be seen if they were used to tap water or for drainage. Dr Ajmal Shah who was part of the 8-member team said the discoveries included various subterranean structures, terracotta pipe, coins, pottery, tiles which are 2000 years old. It indicates Ahan was Ahan was an urban settlement. The findings were part of 10-day Geophysical and preliminary archaeological survey that Russian Prof Natalia Polosmak headed.


Kathua-SSP-Kathua-Neeva-JaiIn Kashmir, it would warrant an arrest under Public Safety Act but outside the Jawahar Tunnel it is all right. Kathua’s lady SSP Neeva Jain has reportedly raided a restaurant and taken all the ‘couples’ to police station for investigations. This, locals said, was part of moral policing. But the investigations revealed that all the couples were relatives and were not on wayward missions. Though the society is reported to have reacted to the embarrassing action, IPS in Kashmir is unmoved.


Northern-lapwing-by-Shams-ul-haq-QariIn its recently updated Red List, IUCN has added eight species from India. Of them is Northern Lapwing which frequents Kashmir’s grasslands in autumn. Experts say its declining number is one of the most obvious indicators that state of the natural environment is deteriorating further, due to factors like habitat destruction, unsustainable development over the last couple of decades and attrition to grasslands.


Pellet-injured-boysPopulation of induced-blinds is increasing. Last week, two students Manzoor Ahmad Bhat (Aglar, Pattan) and Tanveer Ahmad Dar (Palhalan) were the last duo who lost their eyesight, partially or totally to the pellets. Bhat reportedly got a pellet full on his face while returning from dentist. Dar, his family claims was on his way home with milk. In old city another young boy Reyaz of Mirjanpora had his abdomen operated upon when he got a pellet while he was on way to get milk along with his sister.


Initially, it was love and then lust took over. A Territorial Army man , associated with 10-JAKLI identified as Parvaiz Khan, a resident of Halmatpora, lured a young woman from the same district and promised her marriage. He drove her to Srinagar in October where he raped her. The lady somehow managed reaching home and registered a police case. For some time, the army man avoided responding to police but finally he surrendered. Police have slapped charges of kidnapping and rape on him and the court has sent him into judicial custody.

On auspicious Diwali, the festival of lights, Jammu, state’s winter capital reported 20 major fire incidents involving 15 fire-cracker stalls, 10 2-wheelers injuring around 30 people.


Army de-mined 296.04 kanals of minefields and returned them to the farmers near Akhnoor borders after 16 years.


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