Shams Irfan

Finally the suspense is over. Thanks to Modi, Kashmir is richer by 80 thousand crores. Hours before Modi landed in Kashmir and addressed an impressively colourful crowd, there was visible enthusiasm among PDP stalwarts. And why not, after all Modi, ‘the messiah of peace and harmony’ was coming with an elixir to wipe out all woes! The build up to the ‘big day’ saw PDP men memorising RSS idea of Bharat like a hymn!

After the announcement of the relief package, the men in green (PDP), beamed amongst themselves, thanking their stars that they have been vindicated: joining hands with Modi was not a bad idea after all.

The look on their faces defied ground realities (at least for sometime) telling the naysayers that see, ‘money can actually buy anything and everything’, including loyalties. As Modi left, waving his hands towards the crowd, PDP brought out their calculators to check who gets what out of the magic man’s Pandora Hoax-Box!

The day would have ended as jubilant as it started (for PDP) had not a few “misguided elements” raised their oppressive voices against the eyewash. That evening saw one such “misguided element” lost his battle of life against PDP’s battle of idea. He was shot dead in cold-blood. But that did not bother ‘champion of ideas’ much as they now had enough money to buy aspirations and dreams! It was easy to calm the brewing anger: put them under lock and key, and throw the keys away for a few days and behold – everything is back to normal. Mourning is a right that was not part of anybody’s agenda of alliance, so why let people mourn their dead! After all money should cure everything including broken hearts and misplaced ideals! Right?


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