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Trial by Pellets

By Tasavur Mushtaq A frightening lull took over after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s demise in AIIMS. For most of the 98 days…

Let History Decide

Iftikhar Gilani In early 2005, when Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was at the helm of affairs, I was returning to Srinagar…

The Year of Insomnia

Tasavur Mushtaq A midnight message in December woke me from deep sleep. With half shut eyes, a blurred image of…

Through Blurred Glasses

In the 1990s the most common window through which Kashmir and its politics was looked at by people in India…

The Mathematical Tragedy!

Enam Lone Whenever the sound of the word “tragedy” rings in one’s mind, it conjures up something that is seemingly…

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