Shams Irfan

What is the shortest way to reach God or get heard by Him? This riddle has baffled me ever since I attained adulthood.

I was told, rather taught, that the connection between God and His subject is a special one, thus the shortest one. All you need to do is to shut your eyes, take a deep breath, and call Him, and He will surely respond. Though, I never tried it practically, but I strongly believed that this is the shortest and safest way to reach Him. Moreover, given the directness of this medium, i.e. between man and God, there was no chance of losing information in the transit.

And another benefit over conventional methods like asking a Mullah to play mediator etc. was that you could plead your case yourself without the fear of getting judged.

I am sure there are many things that a man wants to ask God, but privately. At times you just want to remember God and feel happy, and at other times, you desperately need his help and ask for a favour.

Whatever the demand is should remain between the two. But as I grew old, though I hardly accept that, I got introduced to an entirely new breed of intermediaries, who if wisheth, could delete you instantly from the God’s call log. It took us centuries to reduce the distance, which otherwise was supposed to be the shortest one, between man and God.

The effort to make God easily accessible to every class of the society was resisted by such intermediaries for centuries. But finally when the God was freed, rather decentralized for a commoner, another set of intermediary emerged on the scene. This one was different, as it hailed from the ruling class.

For them ruling the subjects, with impunity of course, is another way of serving the God. And mind you, there is complain against their style of ruling, because God has created other things to complain about, like polluted Dal Lake.


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