British Parliamentarian Creating Group for Kashmir Cause



Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan

A British Parliamentarian, Afzal Khan and Farzana Yaqoob, Minister of Social Welfare and Women Development in PaK have decided to jointly create an International Organisation in support of “Kashmir’s cause of peace, justice and democracy.”

Speaking on the launch of report on human rights in Kashmir during the 8th Kashmir-European week held in European Parliament this week, Khan said, “The world watches on as the rivalry between Pakistan and India engulfed this land (Kashmir) in turmoil. This is no longer tolerable. Kashmiris must have the right to decide their own fate. This is why we are creating International Friends of Kashmir.”

The statement also noted that an international conference would be held in Brussels next week to bring together international stakeholders, organs of the European Union, the United Nations, relevant non-governmental organisations and the Kashmiri Diaspora.


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