‘Brutal Murder of Ishtiyaq Chowdhry by Hindu Terrorists Unacceptable,’ Rasheed



MLA Langate and AIP chief Er Rasheed Sunday strongly condemned the “brutal murder” of an innocent villager Ishtiyaq Chowdhry at Dangri Kalakoot at the hands of a “so-called VDC member Kewal Kumar” and demanded immediate disbanding of VDCs.

In a statement issued late this evening, Rasheed said, “the incident should act as an eye-opener for those who have been praising these VDC terrorists. The incident has exposed Mufti government and the Sang Parivaar and this thing is proved beyond doubt that the Hindu terrorists have been given a free hand in Jammu region and Mufti and PDP are acting as collaborators. There can be no justification to the incident as the poor villager had gone to collect his ration from the dealer who happened to be a so called VDC member. The incident should not be seen in isolation but is continuity to the attacks on the Muslims in the Muslim dominated state by the state sponsored RSS goons.”

Rasheed condemned the administration “for compelling the mourners to accept a meagre amount of Rs 2 Lakh as compensation and not showing any interest in taking the killer to the task”.

He appealed human rights organisations and the Amnesty International to intervene and force GoI to stop killings of Muslims in disputed state of J&K.


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