‘Excesses’ on Kashmir Inmates at Udhampur: Bar to Petition High Court Tomorrow



J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar Sunday condemned “ruthless beating and torturing” of prisoners lodged in District Jail Udhampur by the jail authorities and also to their subjecting to forced labour in violation of the jail rules and regulations.

“The Bar Association wants to make it clear that in terms of Jail rules and regulations no prisoner can be beaten or tortured by the jail authorities while in their custody. He cannot be also subjected to forced labour or to do any other manual work in the jail. While in jail the prisoner is entitled to all the rights viz. right to food, right to clothing, decent environment, right to shelter, right to pollution free water and air and right to honour and dignity, even he is entitled to the protection of his cultural heritage and is also entitled to all the facilities which enable him to survive as a human being. The jail authorities are bound to respect the legal and fundamental right of the prisoners and treat them with compassion while they are in their custody. Anyone who beats or tortures a prisoner in the jail is guilty of a criminal offence and he is required to be dealt sternly under law,” a Bar statement said late this evening.

The Bar Association while taking the strong notice of the events which have happened in District Jail Udhampur has decided to take the matter with the Hon’ble High Court and in this have decided to file a petition before the Court tomorrow for initiating appropriate action against the jail authorities.

The Bar Association also requested all the Human Rights Organizations of the world more particularly the Amnesty International and Asia Watch to ensure the safety and security of the prisoners lodged in the different jails of J&K State and to impress upon the jail authorities not to beat or torture them while they are in their custody.


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