Burhan Wani’s Graffiti Appears in Nowhatta   



Burhan Wani Graffitti
Burhan Wani’s Graffiti

Unidentified youth have scribbled graffiti eulogizing the Hizb militant Burhan Wani near restive Nowhatta Chowk.

A masked boy standing against the background painted with “Burhan Our Hizb Hero” has appeared at one spot in old City’s Nowhatta.

Wani has become a poster boy of New Age militancy in the valley. Wani, who hails from Tral’s Shariefabad was drawn into militancy after he and his brother faced harassment at the hands of government forces few years ago.

Lately, Wani hogged headlines after releasing images and videos on social networking sites.

The growing popularity of Wani in restive places like old city is seen as the big challenge for the security forces. “To downplay Wani’s growing popularity in the area will certainly not help,” said a police official. “But, the situation is not as such alarming. These signs of support are confined to emotional level only.”


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