By 2020 Article 35A Will Go: Amit Shah


BJP President Amit Shah on Sunday said removing Article 35A is in the BJP manifesto and has been so since 1950, The Quint reported.

Amit Shah

The Quint quoted BJP President Amit Shah as having said: “It has not happened till now as we do not have a majority in Rajya Sabha, but I believe it will happen by 2020. Removing Article 35A has been in our manifesto since 1950, it is our commitment to the people of the country.”

“Article 35A empowers the government of Jammu and Kashmir to define a class of persons as constituting permanent residents of the state and also allows the government to confer special rights and privileges to the people with respect to employment and acquisition of immovable property in the state,” said the report.

The Quint quoted Shah as having said BJP has been able to curb terror funding and radicalisation.

“We have done a lot to curb militancy in Kashmir…we have banned organisations and plugged terror funding…we have managed to curb radicalisation…it is under our government that we have killed the maximum number of militants…and we will continue to do so,” the report quoted Shah as having said.


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