By the road I stood : A visit to Kashmir after 15 years


By the road I stood—
It was not a common day—-
cause—- By the road I stood.
cause it was an all-new Kashmir

I stood watching,
watching where we are,
watching where we were.

By the road I stood—
gasping, struggling,
reminding myself of Kashmir.

Where people were— humane
where discrimination was— taboo,
where brotherhood— prevailed,
where harmony— ruled,
where corruption was— crime.

what could be done,
was done— without money,
what couldn’t be done,
was never done— with money.

By the road I stood—
It was not a common day,
cause Kashmir was missing.
cause Kashmir was lost.

By “Fidoic.”
Fidoic is a Kashmiri based in Delhi

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