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Mind is the praiseworthy gift of God. Every individual in this world has a will power in His reason. God has given us this precious and phenomenal thing and it is up to we people to utilize our minds in a right manner.

If we look at the world’s great, genious and marvelous personalities (either in the field of science and literature or in any other field), they all have had higher thinking and have had put forward/disclosed their thinking and concepts which are beyond the comprehension of our minds. Now if we look at ourselves, nowadays our main problem is that we have short-lived ideas, and therefore narrowed down the capacity of our minds. If we don’t evoke interests and involvements in any field, we may end up trouble our cognition and other qualities of mind.

Our main menace is that we concede that everything is is going to be difficult and unhelpful. We do not look upon this needy and voracious world and don’t realize the need of an hour. So to assess our grades or status we need optimistic, enthusiastic and encyclopedic mindsets.

Those people who have so far proved themselves in their fields and have achieved their goals, they are the same creatures of God as we are. If we look at the IAS toppers, KAS toppers, professors, engineers, scientists, journalists and others, we come to know that they possess the same kind of minds as we have. And If we look at the English people; how they achieve their goals so easily? It is only because of their high imagination, determination and dignity of work, which we too have to some extent, but need to be improved and capitalize in a proper way.

“If there is a will there is a way”

Nowadays our main problem is that we are under the bondage of time. we are not trying to follow the main, sophisticated and reserved ways of life .If any one of us tries to experience a new path, a new thing or a valuable position, it seems obvious that he/she achieves that level and fame which he/she wants and straightforward his/her worthwhile life.

We need to think higher and higher and try to avert ourselves                                                                                                                                                                                              from these unruly and dishonored activities taking place in our society. We must look forward and increase our interests in any field and gain effort again and again to achieve our goal. If we want to compete with this world and want to live a prosperous life we have to think individually and frame the paths, so that a lot of new ideas and thinking may arise and come in front.

“Be like a pearl round and rare not like a pebble, rough and found everywhere.

  Sajad Rasheed is a Student Of B A Honors (English) at , Amar Singh College Srinagar


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