Calling every protest as paid is akin to ostrich like behavior: Malik


“Kashmir is not crown of any nation but an occupied territory that belongs to Kashmiris only,” Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairperson said in a statement issued here.

While reacting to recent assertions made by CM Mehbooba Mufti, Malik said “Calling every protest as paid is akin to ostrich like behavior”.

Malik said, “Jammu Kashmir is an occupied territory and the people of Kashmir are striving for their freedom and self determination from last 70 years. Kashmir is not crown of any nation but disputed territory. The inhabitants of Kashmir were pledged by Indian leaders and the international community of right of self determination and are striving for the same from last many decades.”

He said that chief minister is talking of democracy, freedom, human rights and many other things but seems to forget about the blanket ban that she and her government have imposed on media, internet, social media, peaceful political activities, student protests and other basic human rights in Kashmir.

Malik said that the “height of brazenness” is such that the rulers and their authorities who have trampled every decency, ethics and democracy are talking of the same that too without any shame.

Reacting to the statement of police terming student protests as sponsored and paid, JKLF chairman said that, “One who goes blind in spring sees only greenery” and similarly people who only follow caprice and orders of others and unleash tyranny and oppression on peaceful people only see things through the prism of money, bribe, oppression and sponsorships.


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