Cash laden ATM taken from Shopian’s crowded hospital

SRINAGAR: Unknown people almost mysteriously uprooted an ATM from the premises of the hospital in Shopian, reports reaching here said. The machine was carrying a cash of Rs 4.28 lakh.

“It has been so clean and a silent operation that nobody knows how it happened,” the people literally living next door said. “Nobody heard even a sound.”

Empty kiosk of an ATMthat was looted from sub district hopistal Shopian premesis. Photo FB

The J&K Bank ATM was installed in a space that has a cooperative shop on one side and a hospital driver’s room on the other side. Drivers said when at 2:30 am, a patient from Meemander was driven to the hospital, they saw the ATM was at its place. It in morning, it was missing, they said.

The ATM is guarded “properly” but the guards have hired a room in Malik Mohalla where they were resting when the machine was taken away.

Police have registered case, clicked a number of photographs of the empty kiosk and interrogated some of the people living close to it. They made no arrests so far.

This is the first case of its kind in Shopian. Earlier an SBI ATM was partially damaged but no money was taken. Even in that incident the ATM guard was fond responsible and was taken to task. But the Tuesday night theft of the machine has shocked Shopian.


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