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This section contains the most exhaustive reportage on the state, status of business in Jammu and Kashmir.

A growing car avan

Car manufacturers are competing for market share in Kashmir as bank finances ensure that more and more households can own…

Countering Recession

J&K Bank has came out with four products including the revised DastKaar Finance, a product launched a few years back.…

A CBM Hijacked
Lured by waived custom duties, Delhi based traders are trying to infiltrate Cross LoC trade meant only for the two sides of Kashmir.  Hamidullah Dar reports.

The cross LoC trade in Jammu & Kashmir is experiencing a ‘hijack’ by traders from Delhi. That is at least what traders from Kashmir were contesting, forcing the custodian officer of Trade Facilitation Centre at Salamabad in Uri to send back 33 vehicles to Chakoti TFC on May 6.
The barter trade initiated between the two parts of Kashmir last year exempts traded goods from customs duty. Experts say that these tax concessions are luring the Delhi based traders to exploit the opportunity while keeping the locals at bay. 

Interlacing mulberry silk

A breakthrough in carpet weaving technology in Kashmir is set to revive the ailing silk industry besides enabling Kashmir to…

Floating in turbulence

Mushtaq A Punjabi The world is under heat of recession that has affected almost all the big economies; slightly or…

A Sweeping initiative

His initiative is not just an employment opportunity, it is social cause. Owais Shafi Bhat is responsible for the maintenance…

Warming up Kashmir homes

An engineer is working hard to warm up Kashmir homes by incorporating a customised central heating system. Rise in living…

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