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This is a section of opinion and analysis, mostly based on the current issues.

Mapping the Edges
Time and again, ours may be considered activism of extreme frustrations. The feeling that our younger generations from yore have come forward to change a situation, but had no idea of what and how to do so, has seemingly become our destiny.
Tragedies in our  history are repeated, because we don’t learn from our mistakes. Empires grow, weaken and die for the same reasons. So, before going further on the repetition course, let’s take a timeout for reflection on our repeated mistakes.
Last week Kashmiri narratives and role of civil society was debated in some public functions. The only emotion that is specifically exhibited is anger. Most anger displays are not pure anger, but anger alloyed with other emotions, such as disgust. We seem to assume that anger is a simple and unitary emotion, and give only brief hints about managing it.

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