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The Generation In Revolt

Dr Bashir A DablaVery young people are involved in the popular uprising against the Indian state and its colonial-type policies.…

Capital milieu

Asgar QadriOn a sweltering April day in New Delhi spring is hard to imagine. Heat is cruel, somewhat like the…

Mind your facts

Shiekh Showkat

A factual error sneaked into the previous issue of Kashmir Life. Though newspapers referred as they are as literature in hurry, tend to make mistakes, and include factual errors, this one was related to a historical fact. The newspaper column” Personality of the Week for the issue dated 2010-04-03 talked about Mirwaiz Umar being the first Kashmiri separatist leader to have started Chinese diplomacy. The author also mentioned that Sheikh Abdullah had good relations with the then Chinese PM Chou en Lai and the two had several meetings. Then it said that “When Sheikh Abdullah visited Beijing, the Chinese premier received him at the airport”.

Silence Please!
Zamir Ahmed
In a world where everyone speaks to get noticed fearing that silence would be construed as absence from the scene, a single moment of calmness is a rare entity. Wise men, men of letters, thinkers, poets and intellectuals used to work through nights because that would provide them the right environment and solace from noises of the day. But today as ‘Development’ is seen in terms of how lively a city is during the night, silence can only be dreamt of in sporadic moments of sleep the citizens of today get. Like many animal and plant species, silence seems to have become extinct or at least highly endangered.

Treating leprosy with cold cream
Bits of Holland, Somalia and Afghanistan
Tourism brochures of Srinagar would merit an update now.We could market not just our fabled Mughal gardens, Dal Lake,
Beyond Reminder Day
Zamir Ahmad
A certain absurdity seems to have crept into the human race lately. That of converting issues of utmost concern into trivia. Quite Paradoxically though.

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