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The sham of emancipation
Tanveen Kawoosa

The concept of women emancipation has turned into hogwash. Terminology like economical independence and freedom has resulted into her unabated exploitation. Eye openers are the spine chilling catalogues of crimes committed against women at workplace in government as well as in corporate sector.

Discourse a group of women yarning pashmina (FUMB) in a remote village of baramulla district .majority of women yarns pashmina to earn peanut amount to support their respective families
Bark, Bite and Shahtoosh

Naeem Akhtar

Nehru Gandhi connection with Kashmir can never be overemphasised as long as our problems rooted in partition of the subcontinent persist. And Kashmir will continue to be a black spot on the name of Jawaharlal who undoubtedly was a great lover of the place.

Drive a clean car

A battery driven car, Kinetic’s Reva CV comes as an alternative to petrol and diesel versions of small cars – a much awaited technological intervention given the challenges posed by the depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

My grandpa’s fault!
Shazia Yousuf

It was the biggest room of our house, but I never had enough chance to sit and monitor it. Meant for guests of my grandfather it was always clean and well furnished. The picture of this room in my mind is based more on imagination than reality.  I never identified this room with my house because it was less used for family affairs and more for political discourses.

Crowd, not a nation

Hamidullah Dar

Nations face momentary halts not menacing defeats but the fate of crowds is otherwise. If people of a particular geographical unit with a common language behave like

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