Conspiracy theory, indeed

The question remains: Who is behind all of this?  Some might consider it a conspiracy theory the possibility that PDP may be fanning the flames, hoping for greater and faster instability of Omer Abdullah led NC-Cong Government. Some might consider it a tactical move that the government wants to take the moderate separatists on board  which is being hailed as a ‘internal dialogue’.
 But before calling it a conspiracy theory, consider the reality that the political leaders who claim to represent the aspirations of Kashmiris or who boast the mandate of voters in the recent elections have absolutely no clue what is actually happening. In fact, they have never ever been vigilant about the macro geo politics. These politicians are not the stuff who will think before they speak and ironically, masses also lack the judgment to weigh consequences before they act. Their approach and response to the events has never been carefully calibrated to meet the changing circumstances. The absence of cohesion among the leaders and even the people  has  caused chaos, instability and great civil unrest within Kashmir for years to come.
Have common people been goaded into the political machinations? Is use of force now institutionalized behaviour within the police? The role of the state government in protecting its citizens and in defending their rights and privileges is a big question mark! But we need to question why it is so and whether it could be otherwise. Our obligation is to separate myth from reality, lies from truth and start making clear judgments on where we see our duty, responsibility and future.
I submit that none of the politicos are losing any sleep over the current sorry state of Kashmir. The reason: They don’t really give a good hoot on the sufferings of the common man! They are behaving like part of the problem. Let us stop and take a good look at our politicians. Do they act like they are really worried about the horrific shape the state is in? Common man’s steadfastness was enough to further demonstrate its patriotic credentials. Needless to say, the Kashmiri people have the right, and even more, the obligation to politically manoeuvre, reposition and even re-brand themselves.

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