Rip the rapist

Rape has also been used as a war weapon through ages. The military might used as a weapon to suppress and subjugate. In recent past Serbs raped Bosnian women, confined them till their pregnancies matured. In Gujarat, women were raped, their bellies cut open and their entails consigned to fire. And Kashmir witnessed brides, minors, aged women being raped at any place, any time. Chanpora, Kunanposhpora, Bandipore, Langate and now Shopian, their playfield seems vast.
Down the ages rape has been a capital offence and world’s great civilization fought great and gory wars to avenge the transgression as women was being considered property during medieval period of human history. The Helen of Troy ignited a decade long bloody war between two Greek city states – Sparta and Athens. When Helen was recovered the commander in chief of Athenian army who went through the miseries and sufferings of war raped the very women he recovered to punish her for her courage and will power (she had eloped). She could have been done to death for violating societal norms but the man left her to live with lacerating soul for the rest of her life.
Since the conception of crime and punishment rape has been treated as capital offence. Romans treated it as a public offence and not a private one. Islam advocated stoning of the rapist till death. In Medieval England the victim would gorge out eyes of aggressor and severe his reproductive organs but with the dawn of ‘civilization’ the rape was dropped from capital offence list and considered not so major offence. Even in recent past the rightist L K Advani advocated capital punishment for rape but he too was bogged down by so called humanists.
This crime against half of the population of the world warrants capital punishment and NGOs, women and other pressure groups need to come forward to save the souls of women and let them breathe less heavily.

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