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Off late, Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the major player in helping young men and women to have their own ventures and start-ups. This section features the most successful players who have evolved into role models in a state that has a comparatively higher unemployment rate.

Dream Apple

With government and business fleecing apple for votes and notes, nobody thought of any intervention that could take it even…

Rolling Junction

Engineering confused him, designs disillusioned him before business completed him. And today, a Bandipora boy is successfully running a fast…

Healthy Muthi

Schooled in Ganderbal periphery during the peak of strife, Jitender Kumar left his college midway as the family decided to…

Highway Heavyweight

His loath for government job and bitterness for private sector landed him in entrepreneurship. With his business and marketing acumen,…

Not Cowed Down

Resisting the family soldiering career, Sanjay Choudhary opted a diary unit. In four years, he has doubled his herd, pushed…

Fragrant Imprints

After security situation squeezed the raw material for his father’s incense manufacturing, Ami Sharma availed a loan and converted part…

A Will to Survive

It was a gamble to leave lucrative construction business to manufacture washing detergent for a market that is obsessed with…

Hatching Success

From a daily wager extracting sand to a successful entrepreneur who yearns to complete his studies, Farooq Ahmad Shah’s journey…

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