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Bringing in the expertise

Patients from across the valley thronged the free medical camp for spinal injuries at Khyber hospital which had invited a…

A satisfied life

Having dedicated most of his life to social service, he is a content man. Though in bad health he dreams…

High Way To Destruction

Kashmir is losing a generation to drugs, with medicinal opiates being the most abused substances to get a high. Social…

Contagious but curable

Tuberculosis is contagious disease which can affect anyone and takes months to heal. The disease afflicting millions throughout the world…

Awareness saves

Renowned cardiologist, Dr. Upendra Kaul, is the Executive Director of Fortis group of hospitals and Director of Cardiology, Fortis Escorts…


An outbreak of gastroenteritis with cholera like symptoms claimed eight lives, with more than six thousand people needing hospitalisation across five districts of the state. Haroon Mirani reports.

Practicing tradition

In the times when allopathy is the most preferred system of medicine in Kashmir, there are many who still practice…

Heart break

After years of suspense Kashmir has lost its chance to have a super specialty cardiac centre headed by internationally renowned…

Polluting lives

With the increase in use of drugs among valley youth, many addicts are trying different substances. Sharing of syringes by…

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