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Life Story
Face of resistance

From an ordinary woman striving to trace her son picked up by troops, Parveena Ahanger turned into champion of civil…

Life Story
Nailing a demon

In a system where human rights are violated with impunity, few dare to fight a battle for justice. Shazia Khan…

Life Story
Fighting impunity

Masooda Parveen does not seek compensation. She seeks justice. The 44-year-old widow is fighting a lone battle to punish the…

Life Story
Dark and colourful

Yasmeena can see no colours but her fragile hands knit magic with them. Maroosha Muzaffar narrates her story of grid…

Life Story
Universal Donor

A labourer in a stone quarry, Showkat Ali Wani, runs an NGO dealing with first aid and blood donations. With…

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