CBI Seeks To Close Investigations In Sailan Massacre, Says JKCCS



Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) Saturday said CBI has sought to shut down investigations in the Sailan massacre.

“By closure report dated 25 August 2015 filed before the CBI court in Jammu, DSP Ashok Kalra of the CBI has sought to shut down investigations in the Sailan massacre,” said JKCCS convener, Khurram Parvez in a statement.

“On the night of 3-4 August 1998, 19 people, including 11, were shot to death at point blank range in their homes in Sailan, in the Surankote Tehsil, of Poonch District. A total of 13 females and 6 male members of three closely related families were killed by 4 Special Police Officers (SPOs), personnel from 9 Paras led by Major Gaurav Rishi, an elite commando unit of the Indian Army, and then Superintendent of Police (Poonch), J.P Singh, is also implicated in the case. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court ordered fresh investigations by the CBI in this case in November 2012 which has now resulted in the CBI seeking to close the case.”

DSP Ashok Kalra has found the accused SPO’s reliable, Khurram said, and has recorded false evidence that discredits the testimonies of the eye-witnesses of the massacre by stating that they were not present at the scene of the crime.

“On 30 October 2015, three survivors [who are also eye-witnesses of the massacre] filed a protest petition before the CBI court, Jammu. The false evidence produced by the CBI has been countered, the mala fide investigations of DSP Ashok Kalra have been brought to the attention of the court, and further investigations have been sought. The survivors contend that there is enough evidence on record against the four accused SPO working for the 9 Paras, and Major Gaurav Rishi who was the team leader of the 9 Paras. In addition, available evidence that has not been recorded by the CBI against other accused including from the 9 Paras has been produced in affidavit form and further investigations have been sought.”

The survivors of the massacre, he said, have filed the protest petition to ensure that the truth of the Sailan massacre is brought on record.

“The attempt of DSP Ashok Kalra to protect the perpetrators is consistent with the past role of the CBI including in the case of the Sopore massacre and the 2009 Shopian rape and murder case where every attempt continues to be made to shut down investigations. The role of the accused directly involved in the crime and all those involved in the cover up [including DSP Ashok Kalra] will be brought out through the protest petition and subsequent proceedings in the CBI court.”


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