CCA Condemn Reports About ‘Illegal Centres’

KL Report


Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir Friday strongly condemned the news report which termed all the coaching centres operating in the state as ‘illegal’.

The association called it an attempt by vested interest to benefit non-Kashmiri coaching centres.

“Coaching centres are running from pillar to post to seek the registration and the concerned officials are delaying it,” said CCA chairman G N Var while terming it as an attempt to mislead Chief Minister and the general public.

Var said that the government had given them the provisional registration till April 2013, with the option of registering them fully after the said date. “During these six months we have visited every official be it director education or any other concerned bureaucrat to get formal registration.”

“We fear certain bureaucrats, ministers and businessmen from outside the state have formed a lobby to create confusion among Kashmiri students so that they will move outside the state for coaching and thus fill their coffers,” said Var. He further added that the government should punish those officials who are promoting those vested interests by denying poor students the quality education here.

The association called on the government to come clean on the issue so that the panic created among the students is addressed immediately.


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