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GMC students protesting in GMC campus on Thursday: Photo: Bilal Bahadur
GMC students protesting in GMC campus on Thursday: Photo: Bilal Bahadur

Medical students at Government Medical College (GMC) broke their silence on Thursday after what they call “bearing the brunt of bad name” ever since CET scam surfaced in the valley.

Students demanded an immediate cancellation of admission of “12 tainted” students of 2012 batch in GMC campus, who have reportedly received papers prior to CET exam last year. As the protest intensified, police party on spot prevented it to spill outside of the gates of campus.

“We aren’t going to join our classes till the tainted medical students won’t be shown exit door,” Faizan Younis, president of students’ body in GMC told Kashmir Life. “This is hell, how can wrongdoings of few students earn a bad name to entire student fraternity of the college.”

Younis, a final year student, says CET scam has “demonised medical students” who are now being looked down upon by people in and outside the campus.

“Why should we all suffer in silence when the real culprits still walk with pride around campus,” he says. “No, this is not done. Authorities have to restore confidence in campus by cancelling their admission.”

The protesting students allege that senior doctors in GMC refer them as “peer’s doctors” or “backdoor medicos”.

“This is height of embarrassment,” Abid, one of the protestors, “This 2012 batch has around 100 students and 12 out of them have earned a bad name not only to their batch, but for entire student community at GMC. This is simply outrageous and atrocious. No, we can’t live with bad name. Tainted students must leave GMC.”

But the “depressive” phase inside GMC doesn’t end there. Those who have earned their spots in GMC by the dint of their hard work now regret their decision to join the campus.

“I curse my fate by choosing GMC over NIT,” Aaliya (name changed) of 2012 batch, said. “I had got selected in NIT as well, but chose GMC only to be the part of this shame episode.”


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