Change ‘Hindu Rashtra’ mindset to resolve Kashmir: Congress to BJP


Reacting to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that the Centre will soon find a “permanent solution” to the Kashmir issue, the Congress Monday said it was the “pet dialogue” of the BJP and that the issue won’t be resolved unless the party changed its “Hindu rashtra mindset”, news agency ANI reported.

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar accused the Centre of not doing anything in the last three years to work out a solution for the problems in Kashmir.

“I hope they do but I just cannot believe they will be able to succeed because until fundamentally they change their mindset and not attempt to establish a ‘ Hindu rashtra’ by fair means or foul, they cannot find a solution to Kashmir,” Aiyar told ANI.

He added that instead of finding any solution to Kashmir, the Centre has only aggravated the situation there.


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