Chotay Taray Foundation Resorts to Fraud, say Aggrieved Parents

KL Report


Scores of parents whose children study at Chotay Taray Foundation (CTF), a Non Governmental Organization funded by UNICEF and Jammu and Kashmir Bank that takes care of children with multiple disabilities staged a protest against CTF Principal and other board members alleging that they are not taking any concrete steps to make the Foundation operational after floods.

The protestors said that like other buildings the CTF building located at Raj Bagh also got submerged in September floods but even after 3 months it is still defunct as the Principal CTF, Arjamand Makdhoomi has swindled a large chunk of money and does not want make the Foundation operational.

“There has not been a single meeting organized by the managing committee in order to frame the policy for rehabilitation process of CTF,” one of the protestor told CNS.

Quoting Accounts Officer CTF, Irshad Mehraj Shah, many staff members of CTF who were part of the protest said that Shah personally met the Principal to discuss some important post flood issues but according to the parents, the Principal did not listen to him and showed disinterest in making the Foundation functional.

“During the floods, the Principal entered into the CTF building and instead of saving data, he broke the drawer of Accounts Section that was in the custody of Accounts Officer in his absence took all the cash as well as bank records without intimating him at all,” they said.

The parents said that their children are suffering as the Principal CTF for his petty gains is in no mood to make the Foundation operational.

Terming all the allegations baseless, Principal CTF Arjamand Makdhoomi said that he did not collect any cash from the building during floods.

“Flood had wrought havoc and where from I could have collected the cash from the drawer,” he said adding that CTF will be made operational next week.


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